Lila M. Mueller, CRR, ART (Regd), NBCR
ARCB Board Certified Reflexologist #B01297 CREd #0018


Clinical Reflexologist Specialist

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Certified in ART
(Advanced Reflexology Techniques) , Anthony Porter, UK

Sorensensistem (TM) Certified: Facial Reflexology, TCM and
Neuro-Foot Reflexology, Ocular Reflex Therapy, Infertility and Hormone Reflex Therapy, Japanese Cosmo Lift

Certified Temprana Reflex Therapist
Sorensensistem (TM) International Instructor (U.S.A.)
Ingham™ Certified in Foot and Hand Reflexology,
Also performs Auricular (Ear) Reflexology
K.H.T. (Korean Hand Therapy)
NES Practitioner
 Life Frequencies Practitioner

Certified Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) Practitioner
Sally Kay Method, UK

Reflexology Preceptor for Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center's Integrative Medicine Rotation Program
Milwaukee, WI 2012 to Present


Certified by American Reflexology Certification Board

Certified Lymph Drainage Reflexology 

National Council for Reflexology Educators

April 2006 - One of ten Reflexologists in the USA to be awarded
Membership of the ART Register of Advanced Reflexologists®, London, England
Nominated as a Director to the International Council of Reflexologists 2007
Former Reflexology Association of America Legislation Committee Member
Reflexology Organization of Wisconsin Legislative Watch Member
2009 Board Certified Reflexologist through ARCB
2009 to 2010 Director Reflexology Association of America
2009 to 2012 - Reflexology Association of America Board
2010 to 2012 Vice President Reflexology Association of America
2012 - Acting President of the Integrated Reflexologists of Wisconsin, Inc.
2013 Elected to the Reflexology Association of America Board - Recording Secretary
2014 to 2015 - Reflexology Association of America - Director
2015 - President of the Integrated Reflexologists of Wisconsin, Inc.
2018 - Reflexology Association of America's Leadership and Service Award

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Lila Receives Leadership Award from
Reflexology Association of America 2018

Leadership Award Reflexology Association of America 2018

Leadership Award from Reflexology Association of America 2018 

The recipient of this award is always learning, practicing, and promoting reflexology. and has been actively involved at the State, National, and International level. She was the driving force in creating a new state association, which became affiliated & has served as the Vice President & currently is President. She has been a member of the RAA board of Directors and is currently serving on the Education Committee. In 2014, she founded Ray of Hope Reflexology school, which she currently manages and teaches.


September 22, 2015



Lila Mueller, Clinical Reflexologist of Ray of Hope Reflexology in Belgium, WI, recently attended the International Council of Reflexologists’ Silver Jubilee 2015 15th Biennial Conference in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK.  Twenty countries from around the world were in attendance with twenty-three Reflexologists from the USA. Lila Mueller is an ICR Member.

Amongst the speakers and presenters were: Father Josef (Taiwan), Hamish Edgar (UK), Professor Nicola Robinson (UK), Leila Erickson (Denmark), Henrik Hellberg (Sweden), Vera Krijn (USA), Sally Kay (UK), Spiros Dimitrakoulas (Greece), Lynne Booth (UK), Marie France Muller (France) and Peter Lund Frandsen (Denmark).

Topics included: Limbic Reflexology, Strengthening Reflexology in Integrated Healthcare, HLT–Deep Brain Reflexology with Ortho-bionomy, Conditioned Response Reflexology, Management of Secondary Lymphedema in patients affected by treatment for Breast Cancer, VRT Techniquesin Sports Injury, Facial Reflexology “Dien Cham”, and Quantum Energy.

The ICR was established in 1990 in Toronto by a group of reflexologists determined to establish Reflexology as a self-regulating profession. This group resolved to combine their efforts to ensure public safety and to promote the study and exchange of the knowledge and art of Reflexology within the profession.

Lila Mueller is board-certified

Reflexology Association of America Chooses Officers

Coming to Belgium in September…

Coming to Belgium in September…
The Longevity Centers of America will be performing DITI (Digital Thermal Imaging) or Thermography at Ray of Hope Academy.

Thermograms will be available for breast as well as whole body scans with medical interpretations. Thermal Imaging is painless, does not involve compression,
is non-invasive, and emits absolutely no radiation.

Contact Jenny at (262) 424-5776 for an appointment

From Barefoot Dragonfly

{Reflexology} Researchers employed a Board Certified Reflexologist to give Reflexology sessions to US Army soldiers at Fort Bragg's Womack Army Medical Center in their Interdisciplinary Pain Management Center. 96.5% of the 295 soldiers who received Reflexology reported they found the sessions "helped with their pain." On the Defense and Veterans Pain Rating Scale male respondents reported an average of 6/10 and female respondents reported an average of 5/10 before the Reflexology intervention. Both sexes reported an average 41% (female) and 43% (male) reduction in pain to a median of 3/10 after the Reflexology intervention.

Kern, C., McCoart, A., Beltranm, T., & Martoszek, M. (2018). The Benefits of Reflexology for the Chronic Pain Patient in a Military Pain Clinic. Journal of special operations medicine: a peer reviewed journal for SOF medical professionals, 18(4), 103-105.


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