Lila M. Mueller, CRR, ART (Regd), NBCR
ARCB Board Certified Reflexologist #B01297
CREd #0018


Clinical Reflexologist Specialist

fish with cross

Certified in ART
(Advanced Reflexology Techniques) , Anthony Porter, UK

Sorensensistem (TM) Certified: Facial Reflexology, TCM and
Neuro-Foot Reflexology, Ocular Reflex Therapy, Infertility and Hormone Reflex Therapy, Japanese Cosmo Lift

Certified Temprana Reflex Therapist
Sorensensistem (TM) International Instructor (U.S.A.)
Ingham™ Certified in Foot and Hand Reflexology,
Also performs Auricular (Ear) Reflexology
K.H.T. (Korean Hand Therapy)
NES Practitioner
Life Frequencies Practitioner

Certified Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) Practitioner
Sally Kay Method, UK

Reflexology Preceptor for Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center's Integrative Medicine Rotation Program
Milwaukee, WI 2012 to Present


Certified by American Reflexology Certification Board

Certified Lymph Drainage Reflexology 

National Council for Reflexology Educators

April 2006 - One of ten Reflexologists in the USA to be awarded
Membership of the ART Register of Advanced Reflexologists®, London, England
Nominated as a Director to the International Council of Reflexologists 2007
Former Reflexology Association of America Legislation Committee Member
Reflexology Organization of Wisconsin Legislative Watch Member
2009 Board Certified Reflexologist through ARCB
2009 to 2010 Director Reflexology Association of America
2009 to 2012 - Reflexology Association of America Board
2010 to 2012 Vice President Reflexology Association of America
2012 - Acting President of the Integrated Reflexologists of Wisconsin, Inc.
2013 Elected to the Reflexology Association of America Board - Recording Secretary
2014 to 2015 - Reflexology Association of America - Director
2015 - President of the Integrated Reflexologists of Wisconsin, Inc.
2018 - Reflexology Association of America's Leadership and Service Award

Testimonials from Children
Ray of Hope Practitioners


Since September, 2014: Ray of Hope Academy, 634 Main Street, Belgium, WI

Services of The Longevity Center of America - Thermography with Jenny Steger.
Telephone (262) 424-5776. www.longevitythermography.com .
Please contact Jenny to set up an appointment.

What Is Thermal Imaging? Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (or Thermography) creates images that illustrate heat patterns in the body. The thermal images are analyzed for abnormalities, which may be signs of disease in the body. Thermal Imaging is painless, does not involve compression, is non-invasive, and emits absolutely no radiation. Thermogram results are read by medical doctors.

Thermography is a diagnostic tool for patients to better understand their bodies. Annual thermograms allow you to map changes in the body's heat patterns over time. They can alert you to any deviations from your norm. Mapping your health annually helps you detect changes often before disease develops.

Prevention is the key to longevity. Inflammation is a precursor to many diseases, such as cancer, arthritis, heart disease, stroke diabetes and HBP. Early detection of inflammation may help you prevent many negative health conditions from developing.

Inflammation can be reduced through dietary changes, nutritional supplements, antioxidants. detoxification, stress reduction, acupuncture, reflexology and more.

Cancer Cell-Doubling Rates

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Pre-Imaging Protocols

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CRR, ART ( Regd ), NBCR. CREd
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